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Correctivos en plantillas de correo HCL Notes 12.0.1

HCL Notes

HCL ha liberado una nueva versión de la plantilla de correo Notes12.0.1 debido a varios bugs.
Los idiomas tratados incluyen el castellano.

Detalles y descargas: HCL Support KB

Bugs resueltos:

  • SPR # SVAIC44HYC – When a user replies or forwards a message, the ‘message replied/forward to’ arrow is not displayed in the view/folder column
  • SPR # SAHNCAUBHJ – When a user creates a new meeting with Webex, the user sees a second meeting entry in the Notes calendar. This happens when the user’s Webex user name/mail address is the same as that of Notes
  • SPR # SANECAUH5J – Notes rescheduled meetings do not reflect in Webex or Zoom meeting on DOMI.
  • SPR # JPKRC5KT3Y – “Error loading USE or USELSX module: domiListsCollectionsError” when opening new mail12.ntf with older client
  • SPR # ASATC48JKC – In Notes V12 mail template, hotspot ‘Join’ beside the location launches the URL link in lowercase. URL parameter, which contains for example the meeting id, are case sensitive, resulting to a meeting that could not be joined.