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My presentation at Collabsphere 2022

HCL Domino

I was a speaker at Collabsphere 2022. 

Here are the slides. This project will part of OpenNTF in 2023.

We need to clean the code, complete the functionality, and make an english working version.

In case you would like to help, please contact me at dperarnaud [@]


DEV101 - Audit your existing code in a Domino server just with Lotuscript

Session Type: presentation
Dominique Perarnaud

Our customer asks us to audit his 15 years old applications, we build an application to answer to his questions.

Customer needed a clear view on his applications, sum of 15 years of code.

This session will deal with a real user case.

We will show you how address it only using Lotuscript, No extra license fees from the existing tools that he already owns.

We solve the following tasks:

  • Security Audit mandate > clean the code (C: references, hard coding)
  • Correct code after upgrading to v12.0.1 (where are the calls to specific Java JAR)
  • Improve the code (Migration to Libre Office from Word.application OLE Calls)
  • Cartography inheritance of design to detect bad practices
  • Know the complexity of the applications
  • Have an accurate and updated Audit for immediate request from management
  • Integration with Teamstudio for updates (and may be Ytria + JIRA in the future)
  • Search and find