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HCL Sametime Proxy 11.5 IF1 Fix List – Disponible para descarga

Los Interim Fix corrigen bugs importantes. No contienen nuevas funcionalidades.

Lista de correciones incluida en IF1 para HCL Sametime Proxy 11.5. 
Disponible ya en Flexnet
Source: HCL article: LINK

New Features

HCL Verse and iNotes enabled for Persistent Chat  

Sametime Proxy 11.5 IF1 updates the behaviour of embedded web clients when persistent chat policy is enabled.  HCL Verse and iNotes will now load and utilize the new web chat client.  For users not desiring the new web client, disable the persistent chat policy to revert and load the classic web client.

Web Chat Client

  • SAME-38213 – Fixed an issue in SAML environments when logged out due to inactivity. A page refresh was required to correct the problem.
  • SAME-38102 – Fixed an issue where user’s status would get reset on a page reload
  • SAME-37958 – Fixed an issue where sometimes the Meetings option is not listed in the web chat client menu list
  • SAME-36191 – Fixed an issue where SAML authentication would not work for the non-persistent web chat client, and would get stuck in a loop
  • SAME-35781 – Fixed an issue returning the user Meetings list with new Sametime meetings deployment

Proxy Server

  • SAME-37346 – Added support to forward all tokens, to avoid a failure in the webchat if any single token expires.
  • SAME-37202 – Resolves an issue that caused a user to be displayed as ‘undefined’ in the meeting room.
  • SAME-37347 – Resolved issues related to the MeetMe URL that is generated when a user first logs in.