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OpenNTF publica la versión 1.4 de su herramienta All-in-one Admin Tool for Notes/Domino

HCL Domino

OpenNTF ha liberado una nueva versión de su herramienta de ayuda a la administración para Notes/Domino.

El webinar de presentación esta disponible de está disponible para descarga: ENLACE 

Descripción: HCL Support KB

Consiste en un conjunto de pequeño scripts y herramientas para solucionar problemas que surgen en la administración de buzones y servidor.

El desarrollo de pequeños script es una práctica habitual de cualquier administrador de HCL Domino para solucionar casos especiales a cada usuario.

Esta NSF recompila los casos más comunes.

Lista de funciones.

Remove Profiles Tool
  • Tool to present a selectable list of profile documents for removal from a database. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this tool to remove the OOO profile.
  • For more information about this tool, see the "Additional Information" section below
Out of Office Diagnostic Tool
  • Troubleshoot issues with Out of Office functionality.
Prohibit Design Element Tool
  • Presents design elements that have the prohibit flag enabled with the option to remove the flag.
Copy Database Tool
  • Create a LotusScript, document-level copy of a mail database
Rebuild Mail Database Inbox
  • Rebuilds a mail database Inbox, which may become necessary due to corruption or the accidental removal of documents from a folder.
Edit Database ACL
  • Given a list of mail databases this tool will set the ACL entry for the mail file owner to editor, designer, or manager
Find Duplicate Templates
  • Locate duplicate templates on a server and provide comprehensive list of duplicate templates, identifying which ones are the original
Disable Background Agents
  • Given a list of mail databases this tool will enable or disable all background agents in a database by editing the database property "Disable background agents for this database".
  • This tool leverages C API functions and allows you to edit a property is not accessible via LotusScript
Create Mail Database Spreadsheet
  • Given a server name in your organization this tool will gather your specified mail database attributes and create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file to be opened and manipulated in spreadsheet format.
Document DXL Export Tool
  • Export a select document to XML format to analyze it at a more granular level
Fix Duplicate Folders
  • Fix for duplicate folders.
Log Analysis
  • Tool to search given list of text files for particular string and output to a text file
Mail Database Search
  • Searches a directory or selected mail databases for a particular string where the results are output to the log as document links
Delete Document
  • Ability to remove a document given if you know the NoteID of the document
Edit Mail Rules
  • Visually inspect Mail Rule Documents versus orphaned Mail Rules in the calendar profile document and ability to remove orphaned rule from calendarprofile document