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Improving Extended Directory Catalog in HCL Domino Server

HCL Domino


My customer use Extended Directory Catalog (edc) in order to offer a Global directory to pick recipients of an email, and -in our case- to display phone number + trigger a call from a DialogBox who allow a search.

EDC is made of secondary directory using pernames.ntf and the centralized directory based on Pubnames.ntf

EDC is part of Directory Assistance.

Why we need an improvment

As my customer has more than 50 secondary directories (one by department), and contacts documents are reserved to the members of each department (for sending an email or calling the contact), a customization has been made.

What we changed:

We define in the Domino Directory (names.nsf), one group document by existing Secundary Directory.

Pernames.ntf has been modified (it is used as a template by each secundary directory).

Directory profile form received a "Reader_directory" reader file.

Person forms recevied 4 new fields: 

  • Reader_Directory: 1 field with a lector field based on the Directory profile document of the Secundary Directory (contains the name of the Group in names.nsf who has access to this very specific Secundary Directory).
  • docServer_OrigienDirectorio, docPathOrigenDirectorio, docPathTituloOrigenDircetorio: 3 fields who hold information about server and path, name of the database of the secondary directory

One scheduled agent filled the field in the contact document

Pubnames.ntf has been modified (this template is used by the main Extended Directory Catalog who gather all the contacts).

New fields coming from pernames.ntf have been added in the Person and Group form.

Some views has been modifed in order to only document who holds the Reader_Directory field filled.

Other views were added for lookup and visualization purposes.

One agent has been added to warn the administrators in case of misfilling.

The main Domino Directory has been filled with Group documents, one for each Secundary directory. These groups are added to Directory profile.

The DirCat task update and fill the EDC database every 30 mn.

What we get

We get a view we can lookup to show contact phone numbers.

We get an improved Dialogbox to pick users from EDC (agglomerated of all Secundary Directories), restricted only to the Secundary Directories, we are allowed to get access to.